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“High” by Neon Dreams ft. Waka Flocka Flame and Dylan Guthro featured on TrapCity

On September 4th, Dylan’s friends and collaborators Neon Dreams released their EP, “The Last Of Us”, featuring Dylan alongside international Rap Superstar Waka Flocka Flame on a track called “High”. You can listen to the track via TrapCity at the top of this homepage. The song has over 200,000 plays in under a week and climbing!


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After releasing his award-winning debut album in 2012, singer-songwriter Dylan Guthro has been busy creating music in a variety of ways. Between going to Nashville to work alongside Grammy winner Gordie Sampson in his studio and getting deeper into music production, to collaborating with artists, writers, and producers from the Pop, RnB, EDM and Hip-hop worlds, Dylan is constantly expanding his musical palette. Most recently, he has written and recorded with Canadian Hip-hop icons Classified and Quake Matthews and was featured alongside International Rap artist Waka Flocka Flame on the Neon Dreams single, “High”.

In 2015, Dylan formed the pop trio Port Cities with friends and collaborators Breagh Mackinnon and Carleton Stone. The launch of Port Cities has been met with great enthusiasm and 2017 will see the release of their much-anticipated debut recording.

Dylan is constantly creating music – whether it be with his bandmates, on his own while experimenting as producer, writer, and singer, or co-writing for other acts across a spectrum of musical styles.

Press Highlights

“Dance on Me” is a slick one. It opens with Guthro’s crystalline croon before an electro-tinged, dancehall-inspired beat kicks in and preps the track for the club floor. Exclaim!

This song has so much soul to it, and Dylan has the voice of an angel. It’ll all make you feel some kind of way. Dylan has such a diversity to his sound and influence that you can’t really classify the guy under any one subgenre. Hip Hop Canada

Dylan Guthro swoops out of the great north of Nova Scotia to thaw our hearts with his creamy cooing and vivacious electro R&B pop on Dance On Me. This pulsating mass of crisp beats leaves me ready for a night of live music ahead. The dance floor beckons and wandering eyes will rove the room, searching for a sexy partner in crime. I Heart Moosiq

Dylan’s latest release, “Dance On Me” is hard to categorize into one genre. The multi-faceted talented artist kept on impressing us all throughout the progression of the song itself. IX Daily

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