Dylan Guthro

"Do It All Again" marks Dylan Guthro's first release since his debut album in early 2012, but he has not been idle.

He ended 2012 with the Music Nova Scotia Award for Best New Recording, solid reviews and multiple placements on Degrassi. Since then he has worked with Gordie Sampson in Nashville, toured Denmark on three separate occasions, he has co-produced his first recording project, toured eastern Canada, attended a song retreat and festival in Sweden, and written (and placed songs) with some of the finest songwriters in eastern Canada.

An experienced and entertaining performer, Dylan wins over fans and industry with his catchy and sincere songs, his superb musicianship, and his impressive vocals.

The new release was written by Dylan, and David Myles, and was produced by Classified.

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A Port Cities UpdateMar 23, 2015

Last month, Dylan and his fellow Port Cities members got some photos taken of the new band. Here is a sneak peek!


Port Cities 2

This week, Dylan, Carleton and Breagh hopped a flight to Nashville to escape the snow for two weeks of co-writing sessions. More updates coming soon!

In the meantime, follow Port Cities on social media:
Twitter (@Port_Cities)

Dylan Guthro featured on Quake Matthew’s Rap MusicFeb 4, 2015

Rap Music
On January 30th, Dylan joined Halifax Hip-hop Artist Quake Matthews at the Carleton for the release of his 4th album entitled Rap Music. This pair teamed up to bring you “Summertime Win” back in July, and now there are 3 fresh tracks featuring Dylan’s vocals on Rap Music, as well as one track, “Get Out Of The Way”, which was co-produced by Dylan and 2015 ECMA Nominated producer, Corey Lerue. Check out Rap Music here, and be sure to listen to “Helluva”, “Throw Me In The Fire” and “Love Me Anyway” to hear Dylan and Quake’s newest collaborations.

Dylan Guthro teams up with Carleton Stone and Breagh Mackinnon for new bandJan 14, 2015

Halifax musicians put solo careers aside, join forces for new band ‘Port Cities’
Port Cities
Carleton Stone, Breagh Mackinnon and Dylan Guthro pose for a photo at the Carleton earlier this week.

For a musician, there’s nothing like being on the road with your friends.

Especially when your friends are artists you used to be in competition with, said local musician Carleton Stone of Dylan Guthro and Breagh Mackinnon.

“There’s a lot of singer-songwriters, especially in this community. We were kind of doing our own thing but also competing against each other,” said Stone, sipping beers with Guthro and Mackinnon in the back room of the Carleton Music Bar and Grill in Halifax.

“We just thought, there’s such a great chemistry between us, why not try to join forces and do something that’s bigger that any of us could do on our own?”

Stone, Guthro and Mackinnon are putting their solo careers on the back-burner and forming the band Port Cities.

Although all three have found success on their own, it wasn’t a hard decision to leave that behind, said the 23-year-old Guthro.

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